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Career Services is the platform for connecting employers with students and researchers. Below are a few of the available opportunities at the School of Business and Economics:

Collaboration with degree programmes

To maintain a close connection with the professional field, the programmes collaborate with professionals and businesses in their discipline in various ways. Organisations and companies can get involved with a programme by providing business cases or giving a guest lecture, for example. Students also regularly go on company visits to experience how the theories from their programme are applied in practice.

In addition, each programme has an Advisory Board composed of alumni and representatives from the professional field. The faculty sees the Advisory Boards as a means for programmes to systematically evaluate their curriculum based on the professional requirements and wishes within the field.

Here are a few examples of collaborations:

Business cases in the MSc in Marketing
Each course within the MSc in Marketing begins on site at a company. ‘This means our students really get their hands dirty.’ Large firms present the challenges they are facing and ask students to help them think of a solution. Last year’s cases came from Microsoft Nederland, SuitSupply, Heineken, TUI Travel, Ogilvy, IAmsterdam, Alzheimer Lab, TNS Kantar FrieslandCampina, iProspect and Westwing/Rocket Internet, among others.

Rabo Honours Programme for MSc in Finance and MSc in Business Administration/Financial Management
This Honours Programme was developed in close collaboration with researchers in the Finance group at VU Amsterdam and leading professional experts from Rabobank. This mix gives students the perfect exposure to brilliant academic research and excellent professional guidance.

Colloquium for BSc in Econometrics
The purpose of the colloquium is to introduce students to material from other courses, to clarify, expand on and explore this material in-depth, and to help students progress more smoothly through the Econometrics programme. As part of the colloquium, Career Services holds a session on employer expectations with guest speakers from the Econometrics and Operational Research programmes (previous contributors have also included Rabobank and Transavia).

Research possibilities through academic departments and institutes

The academic departments carry out the research within the faculty. Each department has its own discipline. The faculty also participates in various institutes. These institutes are partnerships in which departments, faculties and universities collaborate in a range of research fields. You can find an overview of the departments and research institutes and centres on the SBE website.

Carry out a research assignment via ABRI
Carry out a research assignment via ABRI The Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) is the business-oriented research institute of the School of Business and Economics. In addition to providing top-tier education, the institute focuses on conducting high-quality academic research on a wide range of business topics, often collaborating with public and private organisations such as ABN AMRO, Deloitte, KPMG, Continental AG and (regional) governments. In the latest evaluation by QANU, ABRI received a rating of ‘very good’ for quality and relevance and an ‘excellent’ rating for viability. More information is available on ABRI’s website. The contact person for enquiries is Mr N.M. Konijn (

Would you like to get in touch with a programme management team or department regarding one of these options? If so, we would be happy to forward your request or proposal to the relevant department or programme. Please note: Collaboration with the faculty is in high demand. We therefore cannot guarantee that your request will be honoured.